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Lee Joon’s reps clarify rumors and confirm he has a panic disorder

Lee Joon’s reps clarify rumors and confirm he has a panic disorder

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by February 14, 2018 Korean Entertainment

Lee Joon’s reps clarify rumors and confirm he has a panic disorder

Article: Lee Joon reps, “He never self-harmed or went to green camp… he’s getting treatment for his panic disorder”

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,090, -134] So he’s not completely normal

2. [+936, -52] I hope he gets the treatment he needs. And stop with the hate comment, guys. You all would be pissed if anyone talked behind your back so why do you do it to others???

3. [+847, -134] So there is something wrong with him

4. [+112, -8] You can tell he really worked hard to overcome his panic disorder if he still enlisted under this condition and even received an award for his training. Panic disorders hit you suddenly so I hope that he gets the treatment he needs when it happens and completes his service safely.

5. [+63, -4] So something must’ve happened indeed… find strength

6. [+45, -16] Seeing as how he has a panic disorder, I’m thinking he cut himself;;; anyone who’s served in the army knows how tough it is in there… anyone shielding him is probably just a woman who hasn’t served

7. [+41, -6] Didn’t know he was going through a panic disorder

8. [+38, -4] You can beat it, Lee Joon, find strength

9. [+36, -2] So it wasn’t a suicide attempt but it does look like he was mentally unwell at one point… It’s weird how Koreans will tell you to “find strength, fighting” when you tell them that you’re physically hurt but when you say you’re mentally hurting, they’re just like “tsk tsk, pathetic”… there’s nothing wrong with getting help if you’re mentally hurting. Being human means that you will physically or mentally hurt at some point.

10. [+26, -4] Find strength to him and his family, discharge safely

Article: “Hurt by the misreports” Lee Joon reveals panic disorder

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+848, -40] Panic disorders have become so common in our generation, like a cold that anyone can catch… Sometimes I have difficulty breathing under a lot of stress and know several people with panic disorders around me.. People just choose not to disclose it..

2. [+763, -20] The journalist who wrote the very first article should be sued for all the misinformation he spread

3. [+601, -9] I guess it’s true that he’s not completely well in the mind. He seems like a nice, hard working person so I hope he gets through these tough times and makes it to the warm spring that is waiting for him. Find strength!!

4. [+40, -4] Really unfortunate that the best reply-nim is comparing a panic disorder to a cold… Sure, I understand thinking that since the media has made it such a common topic but I’ve been suffering from it for 15 years and still need to take 5-6 different medication every morning and night. I’ve felt like I was going to die multiple times in a day, and that’s just the way life is for me… At least a cold is curable by taking rest… reducing what a panic disorder patient is going through to “just a cold” is really heartbreaking…

5. [+23, -1] It’s really upsetting that his mental illness has to be outed like this… I feel doubly sad for him, moreso than when other celebrities have said they have panic disorders. I hope he gets through this and we can see him on the small or big screen in 2 years…

Source: Netizen Buzz
Lee Joon’s reps clarify rumors and confirm he has a panic disorder