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Karen Mok collaborates with JJ Lin on new song

Karen Mok collaborates with JJ Lin on new song

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Karen Mok collaborates with JJ Lin on new song

(Toggle) Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok collaborated with Singaporean singer JJ Lin and renowned Taiwanese lyricist Daryl Yao on her latest single, ‘Heartfelt’, from her 25th anniversary album, HALF TIME, and dedicated the song to all her fans for their endless support throughout her 25 years as a singer.

“It is important for singers to have fans who understand the messages in their songs,” she expressed. 

“It will be meaningless to sing if there is no one who understands and appreciates your music.”

According to Karen, she wanted to work on new music with JJ since she heard his rendition of her 2009 song, ‘The Outside World’, during the 21st Golden Melody Awards in 2010, and was captivated by his performance.

‘Heartfelt’ reportedly took half a year to complete, as both singers were too busy to meet up and record the song.  When they finally managed to do so, they were so moved they hugged each other tightly, and the recording went so smoothly it only took five hours.

JJ praised the 47-year-old’s vocal abilities, as she managed to sing so well that he had a hard time picking out the best recording to use for the song.

Karen, on the other hand, complimented JJ on his ability to be a great leader, as he will personally demonstrate how he wanted the song to sound like, even if he had to sing the same parts for her multiple times.

“I guess you can say we are just like the song. We understand each other’s heartfelt emotions, which was why the recording went so smoothly,” JJ said.

‘Heartfelt’ will be officially released from May 28, with Karen kick-starting her first concert in Shanghai’s Hongkou Football Stadium on June 23.

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Karen Mok collaborates with JJ Lin on new song