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JYP and Jun. K issue official apologies

JYP and Jun. K issue official apologies

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by February 13, 2018 Korean Entertainment

JYP and Jun. K issue official apologies

Article: JYP reps on Jun. K’s drunk driving, “We have a system where we reimburse all designated driving expenses but still feel strongly responsible for what happened”

Source: Sports Today via Nate

JYP, “Our company has had a system for the past five years with a designated driving company where we reimburse our celebrities for all related expenses in order to prevent our celebrities from drunk driving. To know that this happened despite all of this makes us feel strongly responsible and will find ways to improve our system of prevention.”

1. [+1,415, -10] Sigh, there’s rarely a company who takes care of you to this extent and he just does them dirty like this ㅡㅡ stop inconveniencing them even more and just go tot he army

2. [+774, -3] Farewell

3. [+714, -1] JYP does so much for them… and yet he still drank and drive. How could he..

4. [+59, -3] JYP works so hard to keep their kids out of trouble, even reimbursing designated driving expenses… and yet he still does it. JYP staff must be feeling so mad right now.

5. [+58, -4] JYP is so daebak… where would you ever find an agency like them? So much respect

6. [+42, -0] The expenses was never the point. You think these kids are so poor that they’re being stingy on expenses like that? They just don’t want to call someone to drive for them. I bet you that people who are willing to take the risk and drive drunk are people who’ve done it multiple times already and will continue to do so.

7. [+29, -0] I don’t understand what made him do that when his agency looks out for him this much. He’s already seen so many stars lose everything by drunk driving… I think the only solution is to not let idols have personal cars.

8. [+23, -2] JYP’s really amazing!!!!! What company would go this far for you;;;;;;;;;; definitely not a company fit for this piece of trash

Article: JYP and Jun. K, “I apologize for disappointing fans and 2PM”

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+5,493, -57] Drunk driving is latent murder

2. [+4,796, -51] JYP’s amazing. They reimburse all those expenses… even with such amazing systems in place, this guy is just… sigh

3. [+3,286, -67] He’ll end up like Gil, farewell

4. [+2,752, -55] How hopeless

5. [+1,165, -15] Let me just tell you this in advance: you do not need to pay us back with good music in the future

6. [+905, -16] I bet you he’s done this multiple times, he just got caught this once. He was lucky that he didn’t hit anyone because drunk driving is latent murder. I won’t ask him to reflect because I already know he won’t bother.

7. [+890, -14] It’s unfortunate but it seems JYP really did the best they could to prevent this. The biggest blame goes to Jun. K.

8. [+883, -12] Why would you drive when your company reimburses everything for you tsk tsk

Source: Netizen Buzz
JYP and Jun. K issue official apologies