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IU’s solo teaser for her new drama ‘My Ajusshi’ released

IU’s solo teaser for her new drama ‘My Ajusshi’ released

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IU’s solo teaser for her new drama ‘My Ajusshi’ released

Article: ‘My Ajusshi’ Lee Jieun’s solo teaser revealed… forget the IU you remember

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+530, -44] Putting the issue of IU’s acting skills aside… they really need to start casting her for roles that she matches…

2. [+480, -61] If IU gets into another acting controversy, she needs to seriously consider quitting her career in acting. Every single drama has had an acting controversy. She’s perfect when it comes to her singing career so please leave acting alone… why does she volunteer herself for hate……..

3. [+383, -53] Feels like a flop

4. [+44, -24] It’s hilarious that she’s supposed to be playing a ‘cold, ruthless’ woman when she’s been on varieties all this time looking the opposite. Her agency needs to step it up and give her roles that she’s capable of pulling off.

5. [+37, -14] I just.. hate the title ㅠ when I think of ajusshis, I just think of fathers or the old men out on the streets…

6. [+35, -15] Why do dramas keep casting her? There are better actresses with better skills and visuals, the industry is brimming with trainee talent… why IU? Her past dramas have all ended up as failures so you can’t even use the excuse that her fame guarantees the drama success.

7. [+22, -16] I was seriously hoping she’d stop acting after ‘Moon Lovers’ but I guess she’s just not listening. Aigoo.

8. [+15, -13] The drama hasn’t even begun yet, why all the hate…

9. [+13, -3] Something about it is cringe… I can tell she chose a heavier role to change up her image as an actor but… she tends to overreact, like in ‘Pretty Man’..

10. [+12, -2] Honestly, she’s not that bad at acting… but she’s not lead role worthy. She’s a perfect fit for supporting roles but she obviously doesn’t want to pick those. Her acting skills and her image aren’t enough for lead roles yet..

Source: Netizen Buzz
IU’s solo teaser for her new drama ‘My Ajusshi’ released