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HOT’s ‘Totoga 3’ prep brings fans to tears on ‘Infinity Challenge’

HOT’s ‘Totoga 3’ prep brings fans to tears on ‘Infinity Challenge’

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by February 17, 2018 Korean Entertainment

HOT’s ‘Totoga 3’ prep brings fans to tears on ‘Infinity Challenge’

Article: ‘Infinity Challenge’ HOT 5 “Sorry for making you wait 17 years”

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,348, -146] I’m honestly not a fan so I didn’t expect much when I was watching but I still ended up crying… cried even more at the next episode preview… why was I crying.. I cried along with all the fans who were choking up… ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,244, -121] I was laughing and crying and trying so hard to stay quiet in case I woke my sleeping baby but totally ended up bawling at the clip of their stage at the end. Can’t believe a day like this has come after so much waiting. Yes, I do believe I’m still an HOT fan.

3. [+1,158, -104] I’ve been waiting, can’t wait for next week

4. [+138, -4] When rumors of a reunion were circulating, Jang Woo Hyuk was criticized the most for not cooperating but it turns out that he’s been the most nostalgic of us all… I still remember crying and feeling like my heart was ripped to shreds when he refused to reunite back then.

5. [+115, -5] Honestly, I’ll admit that there were tons of groups more handsome than HOT back then. There was Sechs Kies, Rain was even in a group called Fanclub, actor Yoo Gun was in a group called oppa, which had all sorts of amazingly handsome members, but they all ended up failing. So please stop calling HOT ugly. HOT was never a group that earned their fame off of their looks.

6. [+112, -4] Jang Woo Hyuk must really love HOT… from his clothes to all the scripts, I was so touched to see that he still kept them all ㅠ

7. [+104, -5] A true king’s return… I remember crying when Sechs Kies reunited and I wasn’t even a fan so seeing HOT come back like this made me bawl like a baby. The power of nostalgia is so strong. I feel like I’m back in my teens.

8. [+104, -2] I really did choke up… It felt like I was right back during those days

9. [+97, -7] I know the current teens and twenties won’t relate much but HOT was basically a group that represented our youth to those of us in our thirties.

10. [+83, -7] So what if they’re older and fatter now… HOT itself represented my entire youth. They’re a memory I hold so dear to my heart. In my eyes, they’re the same oppas that I remember.

Source: Netizen Buzz
HOT’s ‘Totoga 3’ prep brings fans to tears on ‘Infinity Challenge’