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Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

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Hollywood: Daniel Radcliffe

Article: [Hollywoodpop] Harry Potter smoking… recent picturse of Daniel Radcliffe spotted

Source: Herald pop via Nate

1. [+267, -2] We’re witnessing the bizarre phenomenon of Harry Potter turning into Hagrid

2. [+220, -8] Foreigners really do age for the worse ㅠ ㅠ

3. [+131, -2] I like the new spin off series but I wish they’d keep continuing the Harry Potter series

4. [+8, -0] Does he never grow??

5. [+5, -0] He’s one of those actors who cleans up once they get cast for a new movie

6. [+4, -0] I doubt I’d be able to recognize him if I saw him around the streets in Korea…

7. [+4, -0] Those crap proportions

8. [+3, -1] I don’t have a problem with him smoking since he’s an adult and all but… like the best reply said, he did age for the worse

9. [+3, -1] Westerners look good up to their teen years… and then once they let go, they age hard

Source: Netizen Buzz
Hollywood: Daniel Radcliffe