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Euaerin reps confirm she is dating Lee Jung Jin

Euaerin reps confirm she is dating Lee Jung Jin

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by January 11, 2018 Korean Entertainment

Euaerin reps confirm she is dating Lee Jung Jin

Article: [Official statement] Euaerin reps, “In a relationship with Lee Jung Jin, marriage not in discussion yet”

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,720, -96] Who do you think any of you are to be judging who can do better;

2. [+1,028, -149] I remember being her fan in Nine Muses because she’s actually super funny and outgoing ㅋㅋ congrats!!!

3. [+665, -103] Then why was he on ‘Countryside Police’ asking Shin Hyun Joon to get him a girlfriend… why are celebrities like this lately?

4. [+544, -91] And yet no statement from Lee Jung Jin’s reps?????????

5. [+400, -56] Be happy~

6. [+183, -46] I just have a feeling this relationship won’t work out…

7. [+214, -101] Unni you can do so much better, don’t ever marry him, any man over his forties should be dating someone in their forties

8. [+154, -44] She’s from a wealthy family, she’s younger than him, why are people saying he can do better?

Article: ‘Dating Lee Jung Jin’ Euaerin’s pictorial-like daily pictures

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+4,883, -335] Why are all of her pictures like this?

2. [+3,559, -925] I know you can’t judge everything about a person through what they show on the outside but I think I can tell what kind of person she is on a basic level. Her make up, the type of facial expressions she makes… Lee Jung Jin’s taste in women is quite cheaper than I thought. I thought he’d be into classier women… I even thought he would match Lee Yeon Hee when he said she was his ideal type. Instead he’s dating a woman so opposite in image ㅋ

3. [+2,609, -338] ㅋㅋㅋ It’s like she’s so desperate to strip everything off

4. [+2,174, -274] Her fake chest is so obvious

5. [+677, -38] All of her pictures look so cheap

6. [+533, -11] Well I guess he’s into younger girls…

7. [+462, -28] These pictures are basically meant to show off her body… but so much skin exposure makes it over the top

8. [+452, -19] She really can’t take any classier photos? She’d look fine without having to show all that skin

9. [+425, -33] Seems like stars or trainees who never made it put all their attention on getting plastic surgery and getting fancy hobbies like golf and wine so that they can seduce top stars since men are simple creatures and will fall for any pretty face. This is why there’s the saying that girls who party hard end up landing the best marriages. It’s always the naive girl who kept her nose in books all her life without any dating experience who end up being played by the bad guys.

10. [+398, -23] So disappointed in him

11. [+368, -0] Isn’t she 30 years old… she really can’t take any normal pictures? Sigh, Lee Jung Jin…

12. [+365, -8] I guess we all have the same standards… I felt the same way as the comments while looking at these pictures

Source: Netizen Buzz
Euaerin reps confirm she is dating Lee Jung Jin