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'Death Wish' Gets China Theatrical Release Friday

'Death Wish' Gets China Theatrical Release Friday

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‘Death Wish’ Gets China Theatrical Release Friday

(China Plus) A pre-screening of Bruce Willis'”Death Wish” remake was held in Beijing on Monday evening, ahead of its official theatrical release in China on September 21st.

A number of industry insiders and ordinary moviegoers came out to watch the film. Film Critic Yu Wei was among this first group of moviegoers.

“I’m a fan of Bruce Willis and the Death Wish series. The original film, the 1974 cult classic, is one of my favorite movies. I appreciate Bruce Willis because he’s keen on showing both his muscles and strong-mindedness regardless of his age.”

Chinese audiences frequently embrace action films featuring older U.S. stars. Both director Eli Roth and Willis have large followings in China.

“Death Wish” is about a Chicago doctor who sets out to get revenge on the men who attacked his family.

The movie’s international performance has been marginal so far. Earlier international media reports said that the 1.85-million US dollars earned in France was its highest overseas score to date.

Source: China Plus
Source: CEN
‘Death Wish’ Gets China Theatrical Release Friday