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"Cowboy Bebop" Cafe Update: Food and Merch Revealed

"Cowboy Bebop" Cafe Update: Food and Merch Revealed

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by May 15, 2018 Anime

“Cowboy Bebop” Cafe Update: Food and Merch Revealed



The mere mention of a Cowboy Bebop collab cafe was enough to get our mouths watering — and now, Animate Cafe and Good Smile have revealed the menu and goods for the big event. From what we can see, they definitely don’t disappoint.


The food and drink offerings include pub-style soups, sandwiches, and snacks — many themed to the show. Lunch and dinner versions of some dishes are available, and the dinner menu also offers simple snack plates to go with drinks. Just a few of the dishes on offer:


Mushroom Samba (Lunch Version): Grilled shiitake mushroom burger with mushroom and potato salad

Son-of-a-Gun Stew: Cream stew, ham salad, and baguette

Toys in the Attic: Crepe with coffee jelly and coffee ice cream

Teddy Bomber Parfait: Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate pudding, cornflakes, and popping candy

Of course, there’s also a variety of drinks from the bar, renamed to suit the characters from the series:


Spike Spiegel: Old-Fashioned with mixed nuts and chocolate

Jet Black: Cowboy

Faye Valentine: Martini

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV: Cinderella (non-alcoholic)

Coffee, tea, beer, and other mixed drinks will also be available.


The limited merchandise features the crew of the Bebop in their anniversary best, and includes acrylic standees, cork coasters, cocktail glasses, A4 trading posters, and an engrated Zippo lighter (set to be delivered in August).



And to ensure you get the perfect photo op, there are life-sized standees of the crew.



The cafe is now open and will run until June 10.


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Source: Anime News
“Cowboy Bebop” Cafe Update: Food and Merch Revealed