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CL shares an update from Singapore

CL shares an update from Singapore

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CL shares an update from Singapore

Article: CL shares updates ‘impressive visuals that lit up Singapore’

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+318, -8] She had the potential to be even more successful. What a shame. I’m sure she’s so stressed over it all too ㅜ

2. [+151, -5] Honestly, CL is past her prime to make much of a significant income on her own. There’s no progress on her American debut and YG no longer sees a use for her. If she really wants to pursue music, it’s best she leaves YG first.

3. [+105, -12] She doesn’t look like she gained weight here. And who care if she did? You can lose it all again so fast.. I feel so bad whenever I see stick skinny idols, at an age where they should be able to eat delicious things and get away with being chubby. They’re all like dolls punched out of the same factory…

4. [+55, -7] Unfortunate how things just don’t seem to be working out for her

5. [+41, -3] Whatever the case, she looks cool

6. [+53, -48] She totally covered up, even wearing waist support over her stomach ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+7, -0] Weight gain or not, CL is CL and she will always be the best on stage. Pursue it all!!

8. [+8, -3] It has to be stress. I doubt it’s “adjusting to her move” ㅋㅋ No artist with concerts lined up would take care of herself like this… Wow, YG at their lack of feedback… CL, find strength.

9. [+6, -2] The thing is, there’s no agency at CL’s scale to be able to manage her if she does end up leaving YG

10. [+5, -1] She’s such a talent. So unfortunate… because it feels like she’s going down WG’s path. I wish she’d just stick to Korea.

Source: Netizen Buzz
CL shares an update from Singapore