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Chu Sarang won’t be getting a sibling

Chu Sarang won’t be getting a sibling

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by October 12, 2017 Korean Entertainment

Chu Sarang won’t be getting a sibling

Article: Yano Shiho, “We’ve decided not to have a second child”

Source: TV Report via Nate

“I find work the most enjoyable for now. We’ve decided not to have a second. We’ve tried multiple times but failed each time.”

1. [+1,412, -51] I’m sad for her because it seemed like she really wanted a second…

2. [+858, -18] Didn’t know they were going through something like that… I always wondered why they didn’t have one when she wanted another so badly

3. [+309, -3] She wrote in her book that she tried ivf treatments but failed. It’s obvious all along that Chu Sung Hoon has been considerate of her by saying he doesn’t want more but people always accused him of being selfish and only loving Sarang without knowing the full story.

4. [+61, -3] When she was pregnant with Sarang, she was only mobile through a wheelchair because of complications… that’s probably why Chu Sung Hoon doesn’t want another. He knows it’s hard on his wife.

5. [+58, -2] I always thought this whole time it was Chu Sung Hoon who didn’t want another one so it’s sad to hear they’ve already tried and failed… People always accused Chu Sung Hoon of being selfish whenever the wife talked about wanting a second but I guess there was more to the story…

6. [+58, -2] Chu Sung Hoon is such a man.. ㅠㅠ Even he tried so hard for a second but eventually decided to do what’s best for his wife by saying he didn’t want one anymore..

7. [+40, -2] Seems he gave up out of consideration for the wife… they tried a lot of ivf treatments too.

8. [+40, -2] I remember reading somewhere Chu Sung Hoon didn’t want another after seeing how much his wife had to suffer from miscarriages and ivf treatments…

9. [+35, -1] I’ve seen a lot of people like this end up pregnant ㅋ just stop thinking about it for a while

10. [+31, -3] It’s usually a case where they end up pregnant once a couple gives up on it ㅎㅎ

Source: Netizen Buzz
Chu Sarang won’t be getting a sibling