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Celebrity actors taught a lesson in school reunion TV show

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Celebrity actors taught a lesson in school reunion TV show

(China Daily) Nearly 30 years after graduating from The Central Academy of China, award-winning actor Hu Jun reunites with his celebrity classmates in the upcoming TV show Qingchun Tongxuehui (Class Reunions).

The variety show, which gathers together and re-unites celebrity classmates, will air on the Shanghai-based broadcaster Dragon TV from May 19.

The program is jointly produced by Dragon TV and Beijing-based TV production company, Joy Entertainment.

Born in Beijing in 1963, Hu attended The Central Academy of China to learn acting in 1987. His classmates include Chen Xiaoyi, Jiang Shan, He Bing and Xu Fan, all widely considered to be among the best performers of their era.

Hu, mostly known for his starring role as legendary warrior Qiao Feng in the 2003 hit TV drama Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, recalls his nickname on campus was Shao Ye (master of whistling) after his talent for mimicking dozens of sounds through whistling.

The show will also invite A-list alumni who graduated from Beijing Film Academy and Shanghai Theatre Academy, which alongside The Central Academy of China are commonly regarded as the country’s top three drama colleges.

Actors Chen He and Zheng Kai, who both attended the same acting class at Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2004 are joined on the show by their classmates Wang Xiaochen and Wang Wenna.

In each episode, two teams of stars, under the banner of their former university and alongside several of their yet-to-be-famous classmates, will be assigned an acting challenge by their former teachers and will compete for a place in a final showdown.

During the show, interesting stories, anecdotes and memories of the celebrities’ college life will be revealed, such as how Huang Xiaoming’s romantic advances were rebuffed and the time when Zhang Ziyi, alongside Liu Ye, once went partying at a night club to better understand the characters they were assigned for a project.

Actor Chen He, who attended Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2004.

Actress Chen Xiaoyi, who attended The Central Academy of China in 1987.

Actress Xu Fan, who attended The Central Academy of China in 1987.

The upcoming TV show The Classmates reunites celebrities graduated from the same classes in China’s top drama colleges.

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Source: CEN
Celebrity actors taught a lesson in school reunion TV show