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Celebrate the Works of "Symphogear" Creator in New Book

Celebrate the Works of "Symphogear" Creator in New Book

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by April 20, 2018 Anime

Celebrate the Works of “Symphogear” Creator in New Book


He co-founded a group for anison composers, composed music for some of modern anime’s most recognizable titles, and created a show about girls in mecha armor who destroy things by singing. We can all agree this guy deserves some credit.


Noriyasu Agematsu has spent the last 20 years leaving his mark on the world of anime and game music. And the new book Tracing 20 Years of Anison・Game Music-Making ~The Works of Noriyasu Agematsu~ chronicles his many jobs in the field. The book will trace his work on various well-known titles, collaborations, and what’s coming next.



In the book:


Chapter 1: “Exploring the Roots of Music: The Sound of Noriyasu Agematsu”

Chapter 2: “Partnership with Nana Mizuki ~The Two Geniuses Boosting Each Other~”

Chapter 3: “And Thus, Uta no Prince-sama Was Born”

Chapter 4: “How Senki Zesshou Symphogear Changed the Face of the Industry”

Chapter 5: BanG Dream! – How to Make an Elegant Girl Band”

Chapter 6: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius ~I Want to Write Final Fantasy Music!”

Chapter 7: “What’s Next for Noriyasu Agematsu and Elements Garden”


The 196-page book is on sale now via for 1,600 yen.


>> The Works of Noriyasu Agematsu Product Page

>> Watch Symphogear on Crunchyroll

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Celebrate the Works of “Symphogear” Creator in New Book