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Bishonen Bands and Historical Crushes: Get Hooked on New Fall Anime!

Bishonen Bands and Historical Crushes: Get Hooked on New Fall Anime!

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Bishonen Bands and Historical Crushes: Get Hooked on New Fall Anime!


Several games and multimedia franchises are finding themselves in the anime world this fall — among them two shows with heavily male casts. If you’re looking for a new bishonen-heavy series to get hooked on, look no further! This week, The Hook looks at TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION and Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~. What will get you hooked from the first episode? Let’s find out!



The vast world of TsukiPro is a media-spanning story about a fictional talent agency with many bands. TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION name-checks several of them, but focuses down on four in particular: SolidS, QUELL, Growth, and SOARA. The four boy bands have been chosen to appear at the agency’s annual concert at the Budokan — and it’s kind of a big deal.


The story zeroes in on SolidS, currently one of the agency’s leading talents, as they prepare for the performance. It’s an exciting proposition, but it also means writing and rehearsing four entirely new songs. It could also change their careers forever — and it’s not long after receiving the announcement that the four members are already dwelling on what the future may bring.


The Hook: Not a TsukiPro fan yet? You may become one. The show is loaded with tunes by SolidS, with more from the other groups sure to follow. The story also wastes no time in introducing you to the group’s daily life, career activities, and personal concerns. So even for a premiere episode, you feel as though you’ve known the boys for quite some time.


Who Is It For: Existing TsukiPro fans will want on board, of course. But if you’re new to the franchise (or even if you’ve never heard of it), you’ll want to tune in if you’re looking for some new tunes. Idol fans, of course, will definitely want to have a look!


TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION is simulcast Wednesdays at 7:30 am.



Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

Want to be swept off your feet by three handsome young Englishmen? Have your dad install a doomsday device in your chest.


Cardia has a strange condition that causes anything (or anyone) she touches to be burned as though it’s come in contact with acid. Thus she wears special clothes and lives locked away by her father… until the British military and a thief come to make off with her on the same night. The thief? None other than Arsene Lupin. You know, the one whose grandson has all those films about him.


Lupin, along with engineer Impey Barbicane (of From the Earth to the Moon) and Victor Frankenstein, intend to get to the bottom of Cardia’s father’s machinations. And in the meantime, they’ve all gotten a bit fond of Cardia, too. Lupin swears he will steal her heart, but also promises to help her see the outside world… and eventually grant her a wish.


The Hook: Love Victorian literature? Your history crushes are here. Code Realize is based on the otome game of the same name, so you can expect lots of cute boys fawning over Cardia. And there’s more to come — Van Helsing and Saint-Germaine are also in the original game. So while it may not be accurate from an historical or literary standpoint, it’s still fun if you’re a fan.


Also, there’s a Corgi named Sisi with a top hat and a metal leg. That alone is with the price of admission.


Who Is It For: Well, literary geeks for a start. Fans of the original game. And if you just want to see some cute guys treating a lady nice while wearing some truly awesome clothes, you could do worse than taking this in.


Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is simulcast Saturdays at 5 am PDT.




Source: Anime News
Bishonen Bands and Historical Crushes: Get Hooked on New Fall Anime!