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Amuro From "Gundam" Says No To Drugs (Antibiotic Overuse Specifically)

Amuro From "Gundam" Says No To Drugs (Antibiotic Overuse Specifically)

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Amuro From “Gundam” Says No To Drugs (Antibiotic Overuse Specifically)

Japan’s health ministry has enlisted the help of original Mobile Suit Gundam’s hero in the battle against the misuse and overuse of antibiotics. Why Amuro Ray? He doesn’t exactly seem like the healthiest anime character ever. Well, that could be because his name is a lot like antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 


Amuro Ray’s famous phrase, “Amuro ikimasu!” (“Amuro is heading out!”) has been rephrased as  “AMR taisaku ikimasu!” (“AMR countermeasures are heading out!”) for campaign posters.

Ministry official Hiroshi Naruse claims credit for the idea for raising public awareness of the little-known acronym for antimicrobial resistance, which has lead to the prevalence of superbugs, or bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

“We need to approach doctors and patients at the same time,” Naruse said by phone last week. “Antibiotics are often prescribed because of the fixed style of communication between patients and doctors. Patients expect that, by visiting a clinic, they should be prescribed medicine. Doctors prescribe to meet such expectations. If only doctors are educated, patients will not understand why they are denied access to the drugs and leave the clinic feeling unsatisfied.”


Earlier this year, Naruse came up with the idea of warning international travelers to get vaccinated for mashin (measles) with the classic mech anime Mazinger-Z. The measles campaign poster, featuring a humanoid robot, bears the slogan: “Mashinga Zero” (“Measles to Zero”).


via Japan Times

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Source: Anime News
Amuro From “Gundam” Says No To Drugs (Antibiotic Overuse Specifically)