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Who's Ready to Fall for a Handsome Scarecrow?

Who's Ready to Fall for a Handsome Scarecrow?

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by September 13, 2017 Japanese Entertainment


Japan is no stranger to transforming inanimate objects into cute girls and handsome boys, and the latest effort in the personification project is Kakashi ZEYO! – The Scarecrow –, a set of 5 original characters designed to promote Kōchi Prefecture by turning scarecrows in dashing young men.



The story of Kakashi ZEYO! – The Scarecrow – is set in the city of Shimanto in Kōchi Prefecture. After poor harvests in recent years, the townsfolk create unique scarecrows and pray for prosperity. A god of good harvests rewards their efforts by placing souls in the scarecrows, transforming them into handsome human men.



The first character goods in the Kakashi ZEYO! – The Scarecrow – project are a line of double-sided acrylic stands designed to be used as keychains or to adorn decorative planters. The set includes all 5 of the scarecrows in both their original and human forms, and it retails for 1000 yen ($9.08 US) including tax.




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Who's Ready to Fall for a Handsome Scarecrow?