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Police rule there was no child abuse between Choi Junhee and her grandmother

Police rule there was no child abuse between Choi Junhee and her grandmother

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by September 12, 2017 Korean Entertainment

Article: Police, “No charges of child abuse found on Choi Junhee’s grandmother”

Source: Channel A via Naver

1. [+15,809, -528] As expected, she’s just acting up through puberty… sigh, talk about heart breaking for her grandmother

2. [+13,844, -490] She dragged all her mother’s friends in to publicize a fight she had with her grandmother in the media like this all…

3. [+11,497, -538] Sigh, why mess with your innocent grandmother… never took her for the type

4. [+3,675, -70] Why would anyone expect the grandmother to let her be a celebrity when she lost both her daughter and son to the industry

5. [+3,420, -55] The way I see it, there really was no child abuse. Junhee just acted out because she wanted to become an idol and go on that ‘Idol School’ show or whatever and her grandmother didn’t let her so she exaggerated the situation online.

6. [+2,783, -67] Everyone goes through fights with their parents while growing up and going through puberty… the only thing that’s different for Junhee is that it’s her grandmother. She’ll realize within time as she grows older why she was in the wrong… It’s a difficult time for both of them and I hope they get through it.

7. [+2,674, -64] Son, daughter, and now her own grand daughter ripping at her heart…

Source: Nate

1. [+1,917, -64] Of course there wasn’t any child abuse. What would the grandmother achieve by turning her own grand daughter against her after losing her own daughter and son? It’s obvious to even us that Junhee is acting out right now, imagine how much worse it is for the grandmother to have to deal with it. Netizens would’ve sympathized with her if she didn’t take this so far. Who would believe that she was being abused at home when she’s taking selfies in Gucci hats and swearing up and down Facebook? I hope her mother’s friends also think twice about how they’re taking care of her… Say one wrong thing and she’s the type to turn on them too.

2. [+1,560, -38] Her family tragedy is unfortunate but she needs to realize that it’s only her life that gets harder the more she acts out like this. Better to wake up early than late.

3. [+1,498, -42] Junhee’s going through one tough puberty… I can only hope that she grounds herself and goes back to her family…

4. [+79, -4] Junhee-ya, your family will be the only people on your side. Always be suspicious of anyone who promises you such dreams. Stop rebelling and go back to your grandmother’s embrace.

5. [+75, -1] Who’s going to take care of all the grandmother’s wounds? ㅠㅠ

6. [+68, -0] Pfft, as if the grandmother ever beat her… she’s way bigger than her grandmother, big enough to throw her around…

7. [+58, -2] No one ever believed that this was a case of child abuse. I’m sure deep inside Junhee knew that too…

8. [+51, -0] Choi Junhee’s doing just fine on Instagram, even showing off her new Gucci buys~ just another junior high school kid acting up because her grandmother wouldn’t let her audition for an idol show, move along now

9. [+36, -1] I feel so bad for the grandmother. To live life as a mother who lost all her kids… even if she wanted to end her life, she had to stay alive to take care of the kids her daughter left behind… and what does she get in return? A mess of a child who has no sense of gratitude…

10. [+36, -0] Just look at the grandmother’s lack of facial expression… like she already let go of life, only living out of responsibility to her grandkids.

Source: NB
Police rule there was no child abuse between Choi Junhee and her grandmother