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Wolf Warriors 2 — A Chinese Film with an Africa twist

Wolf Warriors 2 — A Chinese Film with an Africa twist

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(China Plus) Wolf Warriors 2 has become one of the most popular and commercially successful Chinese films of all time – but much of the action takes place in Africa!

Directed by martial arts actor Wu Jing, who also plays the male lead, the sequel to Wolf Warriors has broken several Chinese box office records, including biggest single day gross, and the fastest film to reach the RMB1 billion, RMB2 billion, and RMB3 billion box office marks. It is also the first film in China to surpass the US$500 million box office, making it the highest grossing Chinese film of all time.

What makes it particularly interesting is the distinct African influence seen throughout the entire feature.

The film was mostly shot in the townships of South Africa, making use of the shanty towns in Soweto and Alexandria to create a fictional African war zone.

Many people have the misconception of Africa as a land with harsh living conditions, stricken by warfare, poverty, and natural disasters.

While comparatively underdeveloped, the majority of the continent is actually experiencing a period of prosperity, with the economy steadily improving in the last few years, due to greater political stability in most African countries.

The film also showcases the good qualities of the African continent: A vibrant people who sing and dance even in dire situations. The magnificent wildlife often encountered up close, and extravagant African landscapes – all elements that leave people breathless with their beauty.

Source: China Plus
Source: CEN
Wolf Warriors 2 — A Chinese Film with an Africa twist