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[Pann] Onew’s fanpage of 9 years shuts down

[Pann] Onew’s fanpage of 9 years shuts down

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Pann: Hul Onew’s homepage master closed

1. [+159, -4] If even this admin is closed, then this scandal is really affecting things widely. I’m feeling like I’m going to leave the fandom too. It’s not something that you can just carry with you but then I feel like the other members don’t deserve it. I’m a debut fan like this homepage admin is and I felt so proud that SHINee never got into any scandals this whole time but it really just takes a moment for all that to break… I tried to deny it at first but it gets more ridiculous the more I think about it… the case was passed to prosecutors. Lee Jin Ki, I really didn’t think you’d do this. We’ve let it go the past few times you made small scandals but this time… the only solution is for you to reflect and enlist in the army.

2. [+143, -3] This admin closed too… she really put a lot of care into her pictures too..

3. [+120, -0] Onewsama had one of the most followers out of all the homepages too.. 83,000 followers. F*ck, she’s someone who started the whole DSLR craze with Shawols and is practically the leader when it comes to idol fanpages. F*ck, Onew why’d you have to go and do that ㅜㅜㅜㅠ

4. [+109, -0] Closing quietly like this is still out of consideration for Onew

5. [+98, -0] Three homepages have closed so far…

6. [+97, -0] I’ve seen so many homepage admins drop bombs before they close ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jin Ki-ya, you see this, right? These fans who were behind you for the past 9 years… they’re choosing to close down quietly. They’re doing this out of consideration for you until the very end. Be grateful for them ㅠㅠ and please don’t come back on TV… please reflect over what you did.

7. [+94, -1] The fans who are shielding him saying he was drunk are the most ridiculous… I bet if anyone touched them while drunk, they’d go nuts

8. [+92, -0] Wow, 9 years… must’ve been hard to end all of that. I feel so bad..

9. [+75, -1] That admin has been with them since 100 days into their debut… I feel so upset and I’ve only been a fan for the past few years, can’t imagine how people who’ve been fans their entire career must feel

10. [+59, -0] Ha.. I know how you guys feel. There was once a point in my life when I thought Park Yoochun was the most innocent and loving man in the world

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[Pann] Onew’s fanpage of 9 years shuts down