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G.E.M. reigns supreme as the Queen of Hearts

G.E.M. reigns supreme as the Queen of Hearts

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(Toggle) Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter G.E.M. made her grand return to Singapore after a two-year absence with her brand new tour, the Queen of Hearts World Tour. Speaking to the 8000-strong audience numerous times throughout the evening, the 25-year-old declared on numerous occasions, “Singapore, you’re the best!”

Powering through familiar tunes such as her hit self-composed track, ‘Bubble’, along with her renditions of Mayday’s ‘You Are Not Truly Happy’ (known as ‘Behind The Mask’ on G.E.M.’s set list), Jay Chou’s ‘Tornado’ and even a Mandarin rendition of BIGBANG Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ (known as ‘Red and White on G.E.M.’s set list), the powerhouse had something for everyone during her show.

Last night’s concert (and tonight, of course) are also extra special to her as these will be her last concerts before she turns 26 on August 16. In addition to celebrating her own birthday, she also made a lucky fan’s day when she sang a birthday song just for him.

Prior to holding the first of two concerts last night, G.E.M. shared that she also arrived in Singapore early to take in the sights and sounds that our little red dot has to offer. On Friday, she visited the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay and shared at the concert her delight at seeing the purple orchids that adorned the area.

“I didn’t know that your national flower is purple, and I’m Deng Zi Qi!” she chuckled. (Ed’s note: purple in Mandarin is pronounced as 紫, which has the same pronunciation as the second character in her name)
“To be honest, since I started my tour in April, I think I can safely say that tonight has been the best concert so far,” the songbird grinned as everyone present roared their approval. The crowd was especially powered up last night, and stood up to dance with G.E.M. when she requested for them to do so. Notably, there were also fans of all ages at the concert, with many parent-child pairs spotted in the audience.
It’s no wonder that G.E.M. has a special place in her heart for Singapore – her family members, including her aunts, grandfather and younger sister, who tagged along for this trip “because they really love Singapore too much” – she chuckled that she enjoys our culinary offerings (satay and popiah are among her favourites) so much that she’s banished all thoughts of a diet while she is here.

She grinned, “I wanted to keep myself in the best physical condition possible for the concert, but when I thought of the bak kut teh and other delicious food in Singapore, there was no way for me to say no.”

The night also took an emotional turn when G.E.M. declared to the fans, “I want to thank every single one of you here tonight for being there for me. There were times when I wondered why I was still (in showbiz), but whenever I see your faces and feel the support that you have for me, you give me the motivation and strength to carry on. Again, I just want to say, thank you.”

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G.E.M. reigns supreme as the Queen of Hearts