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Choi Junhee writes another post confessing her feelings on SNS

Choi Junhee writes another post confessing her feelings on SNS

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Article: “Why did I try so hard to survive?” Choi Junhee’s ambiguous post confessing feelings

Source: TV Report via Nate

“I turn on the shower and cry with my head up
Sometimes I look in the mirror and claw at my own face
Who am I, what is it that I really want to do
Why did I try so hard to survive till now
I feel like I’m not myself”

1. [+2,554, -114] What I don’t get is why she’s always in the media when she’s not a celebrity. She knows that she’ll get attention if she writes stuff like this so obviously she keeps writing them.

2. [+2,453, -153] She’s becoming more and more of an SNS attention wh*re

3. [+413, -25] For someone so young, she has so many misunderstandings about her life~ How difficult was her life that she describes it as “trying so hard to survive”??? Her mother has every right to say that since she debuted at a young age and put food on the table for her family but if anyone is in a harder situation now, it’s her grandma, not her

4. [+177, -1] Not something you deserve to say… because it’s your grandma who’s really the one trying so hard to survive right now

5. [+173, -7] There are so many more children in harder situations than you who are trying every day to put effort into living life. At least you have no financial worries thanks to your mother, right? There’s a limit to immaturity and enough’s enough with you. Quit SNS. You won’t die just for cutting SNS out of your life.

6. [+126, -9] Enough’s enough, child~ this is nothing that a junior high school kid should be writing. I don’t feel bad for you at all… there are so many other children deserving of pity. Stop acting like you’re the female lead of some tragic drama. It’s not working anymore.

7. [+103, -3] Your mother, father, and uncle must feel devastated watching you from the sky right now… Enough’s enough.

8. [+97, -3] She’s at it again? Can she stop already. She’s barely even lived life and she’s just getting worse and worse. How can she think it’s okay to tarnish her late mother’s name like this just for some attention? If you want attention so badly, get it in a way that you deserve, by becoming successful in your own right. Listen to what we’re saying you naive, immature child.

9. [+93, -0] Survived how? At your age? It’s not like you’re like other kids who have to work part-time jobs just to stay alive while going to school. You’re not impoverished to the point where you can’t afford period pads. You don’t get bullied at school for being poor. I’m sure you have your own personal stresses but your reality is not as bad as you seem to think it is.

10. [+81, -1] She’s just getting worse… she really needs mental help

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Choi Junhee writes another post confessing her feelings on SNS